Online and Blended Learning

Using the latest technology your learners can sit online and blended (ILT) training courses within the Genius LMS.

Manage Bookings & Downloads

Your customers can manage their bookings, invoices and download files from the Genius LMS.

Manage Training Qualifications

Customers can manage their qualifications, manage their training matrix and book renewal training all from the Genius LMS.

Genius LMS
Genius LMS on all devices

eLearning & Blended Learning

The Genius LMS allows your learners to complete both online learning and blended (instructor led training) via the Genius LMS from the comfort of their own home.

Intuitive eLearning Build Software

Building your eLearning courses is simple using Genius intuitive course building software, or import your existing elearning courses with ease.

Instant Enrollment Process

Learners can purchase and enroll onto training direct from the LMS in seconds.

Questions & Surveys Built in

Questions, tests, surveys and gamification are all built into Genius LMS to raise engagement levels of learners.
Learning Management System
Learner Management Software

Monitor Training Progress

Clear and concise tools to monitor the engagement and progress of learners. Gamification, awards, trophies and leader boards all contribute to keeping the learner engaged in training.

Calculations are automated and always accurate.

Free Customer Platform

A major part of the Genius LMS is the Free Customer Platform which allows your customers (whether they do eLearning or not) to manage their own training and that of their staff.
There is no charge for the Customer Platform, it is included in your Genius subscription.

Manage detailed information on learners, upload a photo, proof of ID, record disabilities, historical qualification data. Manage attendance registers, exam results and renewal reminders, gaps in qualifications and more.

Secure Access

Each customer is given unique secure access to their own account and their data.

Download Quotes & Invoices

Customers can view and agree/decline quotes, download invoices and more.

Manage Learners

Your corporate customers can manage the training and qualifications of their staff.

Download Shared Files

Customers can download shared files such as learning materials, certificates and more.

Renewals & Gap Analysis

Customers can manage Qualification Renewal Reminders, Training Gap Matrix and more.

Secure Booking Platform

LMS features a secure online booking platform allowing your customers to book and pay for training.
Share Files
Upload to Cloud
Share Files with Customers & Trainers

The Genius File Sharing service allows you to upload files to the cloud for storage or to share.

Sharing with Customers
Upload learning materials or certificates to share with customers & learners. Your customers & learners can then download these files via the Genius LMS.

Sharing with Trainers
Upload learning materials, invoices, documents or any files to share with your trainers. Trainers can then download these files via the Trainer Platform.

Why Choose Genius

There are hundreds of features and many reasons to choose Genius Training Management Software for your Training Management requirements.
Below are some of our clients reasons for choosing Genius.

Simple To Use

The intuitive Genius user interface is powerful, slick and easy to use.

Cloud Access on All Devices

Genius Training Management Software is cloud based, works on all devices from anywhere in the world.

Regular Free Updates

Genius Training Management Software receives constant free updates adding new features & integrations.
Who Choose Genius Training Management Software

Advanced Stats & KPI

Genius automates reports, advanced statistics and KPI allowing you to plan growth.

Free Training & Support

Genius includes unlimited free training and support for you and your team.

Integrate with your Website

Integrate Genius Training Management Software seamlessly with any website for online bookings and payments.

Fully Secure System

Genius Training Management Software and all platforms are secured by end to end encryption and SSL.

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