Accept online bookings
Accept Online Payments

Accept Bookings and Payments

Accepting bookings from your own website is crucial and Genius makes this simple with 'copy and paste' integration including secure card payments.

Accept Card Payments

Genius website integration includes Stripe secure card payment service. Stripe updates your orders within Genius when payments are made.

Live Feed

Genius provides a live feed to your website displaying available places in real time and closes full or expired events automatically thereby avoiding overbooking events.

Order Data Sync

All customer and order data is synced with Genius in real time utilizing single data input and allowing you to process orders quickly and easily.

Works on All Devices

Genius website integration is 'Responsive' which means it automatically works on all devices including smart phones, tablets, PC and Laptops.

Superior Customer Experience

The experience that your customers have when visiting your website will determine whether they book or not, so a superior experience is essential.
Your customers can book their training via your website then manage their orders & learners with Free access to the Genius LMS.

When your customers have booked once Genius remembers them and their details making further bookings quick and hassle free, and you are notified by email of every booking to ensure you can react to orders quickly and efficiently.

Happy Customers
Accept Stripe Payments

Accepting Secure Payments

Genius is fully integrated with Stripe for secure card payments. This means when you perform website integration your customers can pay using their credit/debit card and you receive the payment.

You will need to open an account with Stripe (which is free) and then connect your Stripe account to your account in Genius.
This is extremely easy, so easy in fact that we have created a short video explaining how it's done.

Why Choose Genius

There are hundreds of features and many reasons to choose Genius for your Training Management requirements.
Below are some of our clients reasons for choosing Genius.

4 Platforms in 1

Simple To Use

The intuitive Genius user interface is powerful, slick and easy to use.

Cloud Access on All Devices

Genius is cloud based, works on all devices from anywhere in the world.

Regular Free Updates

Genius receives constant free updates adding new features & integrations.
Who Choose Genius

Advanced Stats & KPI

Genius automates reports, advanced statistics and KPI allowing you to plan growth.

Free Training & Support

Genius includes unlimited free training and support for you and your team.

Integrate with your Website

Integrate Genius seamlessly with any website for online bookings and payments.

Fully Secure System

Genius is secured by end to end encryption and SSL.

Sharing the love..

Our clients love Genius so much that 90% of new clients are referred by existing clients.
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