Booking Platform

The booking platform is the place where your customers place their order when you implement website integration.

Website integration is very simple to implement, no need for an expensive website redesign, no complex integration and no set up fees, plus this works with all websites.
If you are worried or don't have a web developer we can do this for you.

We have created a demo website to demonstrate how this works, click the link below and then click 'Course Events'.

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Accepting bookings & orders from your website

We live in an age where you can buy anything online so why should training be any different.
Whether your clients are large corporations or private customers they all prefer to book online.

How does it work?

Your customer views your training events or products and services on your website, when they are ready to book they click the 'Details' button.
At this point the customer is transferred to our booking platform to complete their order and make payment. The booking platform retains your company logo which reasures the customer that they are still purchasing from you.
When the customer places their order they receive a confirmation email which includes your contact details and the new order instantly appears in Genius ready for you to process.

The customer also receives an email giving them secure access to the Client Platform, which is completely free.

" If you don't allow your customers to book your training courses from your website you are losing business! "

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Client Platform

Your clients do not need to pay for any software to track and manage their training or qualifications as Genius does it all for them for Free!
When a new client registers with you they are automatically sent a membership email which gives them secure access to the Client Platform where they can track and manage all of their training history including courses taken, class registers, exam results, qualification renewal reminders, proof of pass, certificate information, progress and more.

Your corporate clients may book training for their staff, so they can track all of their learners and their training history, qualifications etc all in one place at no charge.
Both clients and learners love this feature which is an added incentive for your clients to book their training with you.

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Genius Client Platform

Buy Buttons

Buy Buttons are designed to include in emails, blog posts, social media posts or any website you wish to add them to.
When your customer clicks the buy button the training event,product or service is automatically added to their shopping basket on our booking platform via your website, allowing your customer to make their purchase right there and then.
Buy Buttons are implemented by adding a single code snippet (2 lines of code - see example below) and to the right is an example of the Buy Button, the code below was used to generate it.
Feel free to try it out - click the button.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" title="Genius Buy Buttons" alt="Genius Buy Buttons" /></a>

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Genius Buy Buttons

Genius is GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliancy Built In

Genius was developed from scratch with GDPR compliancy built in.
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) means that you must secure all customer data that you process and/or store. If you use Microsoft Excel or something similar and store this data on your own computer it is not secure.
The most secure way to store customer data is using a cloud based Training Management System and Genius is fully GDPR Compliant.
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Accept Secure Card Payments

Stripe is a secure credit/debit card payment solution which is fully integrated into Genius and the website integration.
This means that when you implement the website integration you can instantly use Stripe to accept secure online credit / debit card payments via your website with no setup or integration.

Stripe Pricing

When you use Stripe you don't need a merchant account with your bank or card processing company such as Worldpay or Sagepay as Stripe does it all. There is no setup fee, no monthly minimum charges, no ongoing monthly charges, you just pay 1.8% + 20p per transaction, which is much lower than banks and payment processing companies together. You have full control over your payments via Stripe's control panel and the payment is sent direct to your bank account from the customers card.
Stripe is also fully integrated into Genius Training Management System allowing you to accept card payments for orders placed over the telephone.


Call to discuss Stripe:
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Why Choose Genius?

Data on Demand

Genius is in the cloud, your data is always available on demand, on all devices.

Raising Efficiency

Repetitive tasks are automated, streamlining your processes and raising efficiency.

Instant KPI's

View instant, real-time KPI's, revenue, expenses, profit and loss.

Client Platform

Your clients/learners can track & manage their qualifications with the Client Platform.

Free Trainer Access

Subcontract/Freelance trainers have Free access to manage diary & registers.

Training & Support

Training & support by telephone, email and screen sharing included.

Website Integration

Quick website integration, accept bookings from your website increasing revenue .

Accept Card Payments

Accept secure card payments with Stripe fully integrated into Genius.

GDPR Compliant

Designed from scratch with GDPR compliancy built in.