Features & Benefits

Genius Training Management System is a cloud based software system which is used by training providers to record and process all of their business administration. Genius brings streamlined, automated processes to your training administration allowing your training business to grow quickly and efficiently.

Training Management System

Records Critical Business Data
Genius is essentially a database system which records all of your critical business data, including all of your;
trainers, venues, courses, events, expenses, customers, learners, registers, exams and much more.

Files Storage & Sharing
The Genius File Sharing Service allows you to upload, store and share an unlimited amount of files, documents, images, video etc with your staff, trainers and clients. Using the extremely robust Amazon Cloud (AWS S3) Genius Storage is simple to use and extremely cost effective.

CRM system
Manage your prospects, clients and deals within Genius. Track deal progress through the sales pipeline and record all contact, quotes, orders and more.

Personal Diaries
Each Genius user has their own personal diary which shows tasks, reminders, events, holidays and more. You can view, add and edit your colleagues tasks reminders and more. Each trainer also has their own diary, although this is managed by you.

Trainer Planner
The Trainer Planner allows you to view where all of your trainers are, what they are doing and crucially when they are available to book in for training. You can assign trainers to events, set tasks and support for assessments etc.

Create Reusable Templates
Genius allows you to create reusable templates, for courses, venues, certificates and more reducing the amount of data input required, saving you huge amounts of time and.

Create & Replicate Events
It takes seconds to create a new event in Genius and if you run the same event regularly you can 'replicate' the event with a single mouse click. This removes the need to create a new event saving time.

Booking Trends
Genius displays booking trends for courses, venues, and clients in easy to view graphs. This allows you to pinpoint peak booking periods for specific courses, venues and clients.

Automated Monthly Sales Statistics
Genius automatically calculates (in real time) your monthly sales figures and compares them to the previous month, calculating your growth or decline month on month.

Automated Profit & Loss
Genius automatically calculates your profit and loss on each training event, taking into account venue, course and trainer expenses. Genius also calculates and displays your break even and conversion rate for each event.

Automatic Joining Instructions
Genius automatically creates joining instructions when you create a new event, allowing you to send them to every learner on the event with a single click. Google maps is fully integrated into Genius automated joining instructions allowing your clients to plan their route to the venue and use Google Sat Nav.

Online Attendance Registers
Record class attendance registers for each event with ease, clients and learners can view their own registers live and real time via the Client Platform which is free for your clients.

Record Exam Results
Record exam results with ease, multiple exam modules are supported. Clients and learners can view their exam results live in real time via their Client Platform which is free for your clients.

View Qualification Expiries
Genius displays a list of Learners and their Qualifications as well as when they are due to expire and whether they are in date or expired.

Qualification Renewal Reminders
Qualification renewal reminders are automated in Genius. Create a simple schedule and Genius will send (via email) up to four reminder emails to each client and learner reminding them to renew their qualification with you.

Proof of Pass
Send automated proof of pass emails with a single mouse click saving you time.

Learner Manager
Manage learner progress, visits, attendance registers, exams, qualification renewal reminders and more, all of which is visible to the client and learner via their Client Platform in real time.

Client Manager
Manage clients, their venues, support for unlimited number of client venues, client employees, view booking trends and more. Manage payment terms and credit limit when you use Genius Invoice system.

1 Click Social Media Sharing
Share your events on Facebook & Twitter with a single mouse click from within Genius.

Google Analytics Integrated
Genius is fully integrated with Google Analytics when you use our website integration. Just copy and past your Google Analytics code into Genius and you are done.

Customer Feedback Questionnaires
Create and manage your own feedback questionnaires within Genius, emailing them to all learners on an event with 1 click. View results individually or as graphical statistics.

Genius is largely automated, many of the day to day tasks involved in running a training business have been automated or rolled into our unique ' 1 click ' technology, meaning tasks are performed with just 1 mouse click.

Additional Elements

Website Integration
Integrating Genius into your own website allows you to take online bookings, and orders form products & services quickly and easily. No need for expensive integrations or website redesign, just add a code snippet and you are good to go. Read more about website integration.

Build an In-House Event
Your customers can build an in-house training event on your website, choosing from 'fixed pricing' or 'price per learner' pricing model they enter their own venue, number of learners and dates. The customer can book and pay online right there and then. This is implemented by copying and pasting a 2 line code snippet into your existing website. Click here to see the form in action

Genius Products & Services
Integrating Genius Products & Services into your own website allows you to convert any website into a fully functioning ecommerce enable website quickly and easily. No need for expensive integrations or website redesign, just add a code snippet and you are good to go. Genius Products & Services is fully integrated with Genius Pay.

Accepting Card Payments
We have partnered with stripe.com to bring you Genius Pay. Genius Pay allows you to accept credit & debit card payments for orders booked on your own website and within Genius with ease. You don't need a merchant account with your bank or a payment processing account with the likes of Worldpay or Sagepay, Genius Pay does it all for you.
There are no set up costs, no monthly ongoing charges and the processing fee is just 1.8% + 20p on each transaction. Read more about Genius Pay.

Genius Invoicing
Genius includes a fully integrated invoice system, allowing you to raise and manage invoices, payments and credit notes with a single mouse click while reminding you of outstanding and overdue invoices.
Genius Invoices can set payment terms and credit limit based on each customers individual settings. You can export all order information via CSV file to import directly into your chosen accounts software for year end and vat returns.

FREE Client Platform
Your clients and learners can manage all of their training registers, exams, qualification renewal reminders and more with our secure Client Platform. This is completely FREE for your clients to use while you are a Genius customer.
The Client Platform is optional and can be 'disabled'. Read more about our Client Platform.

FREE Trainer Access
When you use Genius Training Management System you can grant FREE access to the Trainer Platform for your subcontract / freelance trainers making collaborating with them much more efficient and streamlined.

Genius Sales Network
Advertise your training events on the Genius sales network with a single click. This is a network of customer facing websites which are owned and operated by Genius Software Ltd.
We fund all advertising and you pay a small commission per sale with the customer paying you directly. This is a great way to raise brand and course awareness and generate extra income. All payments are made directly to you via Stripe meaning no delay in payouts.
Read more about Sales Network.

Service, Support, Security & Help

No Long Contracts
Genius is completely flexible, we don't tie you into long term contracts and penalise you if your circumstances change. If you decide you quit Genius... no problem. Give us 30 days notice and we will supply you with all of your data in CSV format and wish you luck on your way!

Elastic Service
Genius is an elastic platform which is a software term meaning you can scale up or scale back as much as you want when you want without incurring penalties. If you want to add more users to your subscription, it takes seconds. If you want to remove users it takes seconds, so no matter how big your organisation becomes Genius grows with you. Unlimited number of users and unlimited amount of data is available to you.

Free Training & Support for Life
If you need help with Genius our team are on hand by telephone, email and remote desktop during business hours. No sure how to perform an action in Genius, check the help files or give us call, we are always available to help. Read more about Support.

Integration Support
If you have problems with website integration we are here to help. Our team of developers will advise or perform the integration for you. Read more about Support

GDPR Compliant Built In
The Genius Training Management System complies with GDPR making all of the data that you enter into Genius GDPR compliant. Read more about GDPR Compliance here.

Genius is secured using the very latest SSL end to end encryption technology so you can rest assured that your business data is safe and secure. Genius fully complies with data protection. Your data is not visible to Genius staff, we can't see your login details and we can't login to your system. Read more about Trust

Help Files
Genius includes very in depth help files which explain how to get the most from Genius. This also includes tutorial videos.

The Tech Stuff

The Cloud
Genius is hosted in the cloud making it available anywhere at anytime meaning you have all of your business data with you all of the time. We even had a client access Genius at 38,000 feet on a flight to UAE.

Genius is designed to be fully responsive, this means you can use Genius on any device, from a desktop PC, to a laptop, tablet and even smart phone.

Physical Location Matters
Our dedicated servers are located at a secure data centre in Leeds within the UK. Having our data infrastructure based within the UK is vital to maintain the high speed data transfer that Genius customers have come to expect from our service.

We have operated our own dedicated servers out of the same data centre for the past 17 years over various businesses from web design agencies to ecommerce businesses, initially using the hosting company Donhost Ltd way back in 2000. In the 17 years that our servers have been running we have experienced zero downtime of our network.
This is virtually unheard of and is due to our no compromise set up with dual mirrored servers and daily backups. Our data survival rate is also 100% which means we have never lost any data either.

Constantly Monitored
Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day 365 day a year by qualified Microsoft certified engineers.

14 Day Free Trial

14 Day Free Trial

Start your 14 Day Free trial of Genius today!
No need to enter payment details, no set up fee's, and you get Free UK based telephone and email support throughout your trial.
Starting your Free trial is easy and takes seconds.

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Free Support during your Trial

Genius is GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliancy Built In

Genius was developed from scratch with GDPR compliancy built in.
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) means that you must secure all customer data that you process and/or store. If you use Microsoft Excel or something similar and store this data on your own computer it is not secure.
The most secure way to store customer data is using a cloud based Training Management System and Genius is fully GDPR Compliant.
Book your Free Online Demo now to see how Genius will improve your business!

Why Choose Genius?

Data on Demand

Genius is in the cloud, your data is always available on demand, on all devices.

Raising Efficiency

Repetitive tasks are automated, streamlining your processes and raising efficiency.

Instant KPI's

View instant, real-time KPI's, revenue, expenses, profit and loss.

Client Platform

Your clients/learners can track & manage their qualifications with the Client Platform.

Free Trainer Access

Subcontract/Freelance trainers have Free access to manage diary & registers.

Training & Support

Training & support by telephone, email and screen sharing included.

Website Integration

Quick website integration, accept bookings from your website increasing revenue .

Accept Card Payments

Accept secure card payments with Stripe fully integrated into Genius.

GDPR Compliant

Designed from scratch with GDPR compliancy built in.