Genius Products & Services

Genius Products & Services allows you to sell any kind of products and services on your own existing website quickly, easily and efficiently.

Very simple to implement, no need for an expensive website redesign. Copy and paste a simple 2 line code snippet into your website and you are done. Genius Products & Services works with our booking platform and the Genius.
If you have your own web developer we can liaise with them or if you would prefer we can set up the whole thing for you at no charge.

We have created a demo website to demonstrate how this works, click the link below and then click 'Products'.

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Selling Products & Services from your website

We live in an age where you can buy anything online and this trend is rapidly increasing every day.
Research shows that whether your clients are large corporations or private customers they all prefer to buy online.

How does it work?

Your customer views your products & services on your website, when they are ready to buy they click the 'Details' button.
At this point the customer is transferred to our booking platform to complete their order and make payment, which can be made by debit/credit card if you use Genius Pay or by bank transfer, cheque or any other payment method you choose.
The booking platform retains your company logo so that your customer knows that they are purchasing from you.
When your customer places their order they receive a confirmation email (featuring your company logo) which includes your contact details and the new order instantly appears in your Genius ready for you to process.

Your customer also receives an email giving them secure access to the Client Platform which is completely free so that they can track their order and much more.

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14 Day Free Trial

14 Day Free Trial

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No need to enter payment details, no set up fee's, and you get Free UK based telephone and email support throughout your trial.
Starting your Free trial is easy and takes seconds.

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Accept Secure Card Payments

Stripe is a secure credit/debit card payment solution which is fully integrated into Genius and the website integration.
This means that when you implement the website integration you can instantly use Stripe to accept secure online credit / debit card payments via your website with no setup or integration.

Stripe Pricing

When you use Stripe you don't need a merchant account with your bank or card processing company such as Worldpay or Sagepay as Stripe does it all. There is no setup fee, no monthly minimum charges, no ongoing monthly charges, you just pay 1.8% + 20p per transaction, which is much lower than banks and payment processing companies together. You have full control over your payments via Stripe's control panel and the payment is sent direct to your bank account from the customers card.
Stripe is also fully integrated into Genius Training Management System allowing you to accept card payments for orders placed over the telephone.


Call to discuss Stripe:
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Free Training & Support

With Genius we provide unlimited training and customer support, so whether you are not sure about how to perform a specific task or whether you need help with your website integration, whatever your problem our team are on hand to help.
We provide support via telephone, email, skype and screen sharing. *

Office Hrs: 9am - 6pm (GMT) Monday - Friday.

(UK): 0330 113 7783
(International): + 44 (0) 330 113 7783

* 'Genius Lite' (single user) includes email support, does not include telephone training or support.