Genius Sales Network

The Genius Sales Network is a collection of public customer facing websites which are owned and operated by Genius Software Ltd.
These websites list and advertise your training events to the general public and more than 15,000 corporate clients who have purchased training from our organisation in the past.
We fund all advertising of your events on the Genius Sales Network in return for a small commission on each sale.

We operate several sales websites ensuring you receive maximum exposure to existing and potential clients who are looking to book training.

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Genius Software Ltd

How does it work?

By utilizing Genius Training Management System you are able to list all of your training events on the Genius Sales Network automatically via an industry first 'Live Feed'.
The number of places available is displayed for each event, live and in real time allowing the customer to make an informed choice on which event to book and with which training provider.
This also means that when customers book their event it instantly shows up in your 'Genius Training Management System' so you are aware of the booking in real time. No waiting for a third party or broker to call and enquire if there is a place available on the event.

Genius Sales Network doesn't hide who the training provider of each event is, in fact we actively promote this information to the customer, even giving you your own profile page where you can write a brief profile about your own business to allow customers to make an informed decision about booking with you.
We also display your contact details, telephone, email and full address allowing customers to contact you directly if they wish.

When the customer places an order all of the order information including the customers details and the order details is entered into your Genius Training Management System. This allows you to quickly process the order, send Joining Instructions and any supporting documentation that you require. Genius Training Management System will then securely store all of your customer, learner and order information in a GDPR compliant system.

Is it like a Broker?

The Genius Training Management System works in a similar way to a broker in that we advertise your training events and charge a commission for doing so. That's where the similarity ends.
The Genius Sales Network is a hybrid, giving you the best of both a broker (advertising your courses for no monthly charge) and a paid for classified adds system (the customer books direct with you), so you get the exposure of a broker but with the direct contact and payment of classified adds.

Using the Genius Sales Network

To use the Genius Sales Network there are three requirements.
These requirements are in place to speed up the process of accepting orders, make the process as secure as possible and to ensure that you receive prompt payment for services.

1) You must subscribe to and use the Genius Training Management System to upload your courses, monitor and process orders and record customer details in a secure and GDPR compliant system. There are monthly subscription charges involved, Read pricing.

2) The customer pays you directly so we have partnered with for the processing of credit/debit cards so you will need to open an account with This is free to setup, takes approximately 3 minutes and there are no ongoing monthly fees. Stripe will process your credit/debit card payments and provide the full total cleared funds direct to you within 48 business hours.

3) You will need to enter into a direct debit agreement with us which we use to take the 'commission' that we earn from each sale at the end of each month. We use GoCardless for this. There are no charges to you for the GoCardless service, it's free to set up the account and takes less than 1 minute. These three services dramatically speed up the entire process when a customer places an order via the Genius Sales Network and makes the whole process of yourself being paid directly from the customer quick and simple.

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Genius is GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliancy Built In

Genius was developed from scratch with GDPR compliancy built in.
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) means that you must secure all customer data that you process and/or store. If you use Microsoft Excel or something similar and store this data on your own computer it is not secure.
The most secure way to store customer data is using a cloud based Training Management System and Genius is fully GDPR Compliant.
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Why Choose Genius?

Data on Demand

Genius is in the cloud, your data is always available on demand, on all devices.

Raising Efficiency

Repetitive tasks are automated, streamlining your processes and raising efficiency.

Instant KPI's

View instant, real-time KPI's, revenue, expenses, profit and loss.

Client Platform

Your clients/learners can track & manage their qualifications with the Client Platform.

Free Trainer Access

Subcontract/Freelance trainers have Free access to manage diary & registers.

Training & Support

Training & support by telephone, email and screen sharing included.

Website Integration

Quick website integration, accept bookings from your website increasing revenue .

Accept Card Payments

Accept secure card payments with Stripe fully integrated into Genius.

GDPR Compliant

Designed from scratch with GDPR compliancy built in.

Accept Secure Card Payments

Stripe is a secure credit/debit card payment solution which is fully integrated into Genius and the website integration.
This means that when you implement the website integration you can instantly use Stripe to accept secure online credit / debit card payments via your website with no setup or integration.

Stripe Pricing

When you use Stripe you don't need a merchant account with your bank or card processing company such as Worldpay or Sagepay as Stripe does it all. There is no setup fee, no monthly minimum charges, no ongoing monthly charges, you just pay 1.8% + 20p per transaction, which is much lower than banks and payment processing companies together. You have full control over your payments via Stripe's control panel and the payment is sent direct to your bank account from the customers card.
Stripe is also fully integrated into Genius Training Management System allowing you to accept card payments for orders placed over the telephone.


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