Trainer Platform

When you use Genius Training Management System you can grant FREE limited access to your subcontract / freelance trainers making collaborating with them much more efficient and streamlined.

Granting free access to Genius is a very simple process and requires minimal information to give the trainer access. However the trainer will need a unique email address.
If you have any questions regarding this please give us a call on the number below.


What can the Trainer see and do?

When you grant a trainer access to the Trainer Platform what can they see and do within Genius?
The Trainer Platform is a limited version of Genius, so we have stripped away all but the necessary features to allow trainers to perform the tasks involved in delivering your training events. The trainer can only see details regarding the events that they have been assigned to.
These are events that you invited them to and that they accepted. The trainer cannot see any other events.
Don't worry your trainers can't view your sensitive business data either, they can't see your clients details, any monetary values, revenue, profit and loss, order details, expenses, accounts, etc.
We have been very careful and selective, giving trainers only the information that is required to delivery your training events.
For example trainers can;

  • Control their own Diary - Each trainer can control their own diary within Genius. This allows you to see their availability, which events of yours they are booked on, and when they are available.
  • Control their own Diary Tasks - You can add tasks to the trainers diary and they can see and edit the tasks as well as creating new tasks themselves.
  • View Events - The Trainer can only view the training events that they are delivering for you. They cannot edit the event in any way, they also can't see sensitive information such as revenue, profit/loss, expenses etc.
  • View Joining Instructions - The Trainer can view and print the joining instructions, so there is no need to tell them where and when the event is taking place, they can even see a Google map.
  • Create Registers - The Trainer can create and edit registers on events that they are delivering for you, they can also print the register. Registers can be seen in real time by the client and learners via the Client Platform.
  • Create Exam Results - The Trainer can create and upload Exam results for learners which sat the events that the trainer delivered for you. Exam results can be seen in real time by the client and learners via the Client Platform.


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14 Day Free Trial

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Frequently Asked Questions?

We have collated some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Trainer Platform below.

  • Can anyone have Free Access to the Trainer Platform?
    Trainers must be 'invited' to the Genius Trainer Platform by a subscription paying Genius user.
    The only aspects that can be seen via a trainers login are events, registers and exams which the trainer has been contracted to deliver by a fully subscribed Genius user.

  • Must a trainer be Invited?
    The whole point of granting free access to subcontract and freelance trainers is to raise efficiency and improve work flow for Genius subscribed training organisations, therefore only fully subscribed (paying) Genius users can grant free access to trainers.

  • Can a trainer be invited by multiple Genius Users?
    Yes, when a trainer is granted access by a Genius user they are 'connected' to that training organisation, giving the trainer access to view events, registers and exam results that they are assigned to.
    For Example: If a trainer is granted access by 3 training organisations the trainer will be able to see all 3 training organisations events, registers and exam results so long as the trainer is assigned to those events.

Read the full FAQ's here.


Call to discuss your requirements: (UK) 0330 113 7783

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Genius is GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliancy Built In

Genius was developed from scratch with GDPR compliancy built in.
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) means that you must secure all customer data that you process and/or store. If you use Microsoft Excel or something similar and store this data on your own computer it is not secure.
The most secure way to store customer data is using a cloud based Training Management System and Genius is fully GDPR Compliant.
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Why Choose Genius?

Data on Demand

Genius is in the cloud, your data is always available on demand, on all devices.

Raising Efficiency

Repetitive tasks are automated, streamlining your processes and raising efficiency.

Instant KPI's

View instant, real-time KPI's, revenue, expenses, profit and loss.

Client Platform

Your clients/learners can track & manage their qualifications with the Client Platform.

Free Trainer Access

Subcontract/Freelance trainers have Free access to manage diary & registers.

Training & Support

Training & support by telephone, email and screen sharing included.

Website Integration

Quick website integration, accept bookings from your website increasing revenue .

Accept Card Payments

Accept secure card payments with Stripe fully integrated into Genius.

GDPR Compliant

Designed from scratch with GDPR compliancy built in.