Genius Platforms

Genius is much more than just 'Training Management Software'.
Genius includes 4 platforms as standard.


Unique Selling Point

Genius clients report that when pitching to potential prospects the Genius LMS is often the deciding factor when selecting them as their chosen training provider. The Customer Platform (LMS) essentially gives your customers secure access to their very own Training Management Software without paying for it, while creating a transparent audit trail for each learners qualifications and progress.

Sharing Information

Using the Genius Files Sharing Service you can upload files to share with your trainers (via Trainer Platform) and your customers (via LMS). This is a completely secure way to share sensitive information on business, training, learners qualifications and more.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration between all 4 platforms utilizing single data entry maintains data accuracy, reducing the possibility of errors and duplicate records while saving valuable time.

Global Reach

Genius handles multiple currencies, tax rates, date formats, regions and time zones with ease making it the perfect choice for Global companies.

Training Management

The core of Genius is the TMS where you manage your customers, learners, trainers, training, qualifications, orders, finance, resources and more.

Customer Platform

Your customers and learners have free access to the LMS to manage their training, qualifications, renewal reminders, training gap matrix, quotes, invoices, orders and more.

Trainer Platform

Your trainers have free access to the Trainer Platform to manage their own diary, expenses and fee's, assigned events, attendance registers, exam results and more.

Website Integration & Marketplace

Integrate your website to accept online bookings & secure payments, the live feed from Genius displays real time availability and prevents overbooking. Using Marketplace via the LMS allows your customers to book training and make secure payment all without leaving the LMS.
planning training
resource management

Plan Training & Manage Resources

Planning and managing training is quick and simple with Genius. The use of templates speed up the planning and building process while maintaining accuracy of data input. Single data entry eliminates the need to key in course, venue and resources data multiple times keeping your data accurate, clean and concise.

Managing Resources & Expenses, calculating profit/loss and break even is quick and simple with advanced statistics and KPI automatically generated in real time.

Manage Customers & Learners

Managing customer accounts is simple utilizing single data input to maintain concise data entry. Managing learners training records and qualifications is quick and simple due to the intuitive Genius user interface.

Manage qualification renewal reminders and gaps in learners training & qualifications with the Training Gap Matrix. Share files with customers and learners via the Genius File Sharing service.

Manage Customers
Manage Learners
Feedback Surveys
Customer Surveys
Create FeedBack Surveys

Collect Customer Feedback

Creating bespoke feedback surveys is a breeze with Genius. Multiple feedback options such as multiple choice, check boxes, star rating and more make your feedback surveys flexible.

Sending feedback surveys is quick and easy too, simply choose who the recipients are and send the surveys to multiple recipients with a single click. View individual feedback or group surveys together to view averages. All feedback surveys are completed by your customers and learners via the Genius LMS.

Share Files
Upload to Cloud
Share Files with Customers & Trainers

The Genius File Sharing service allows you to upload files to the cloud for storage or to share.

Sharing with Customers
Upload learning materials or certificates to share with customers & learners. Your customers & learners can then download these files via the Genius LMS.

Sharing with Trainers
Upload learning materials, invoices, documents or any files to share with your trainers. Trainers can then download these files via the Trainer Platform.

Multiple Regions and Locales
Multiple Currencies

Multi-Currency & Multi-Locale

Genius is used world wide in multiple currencies, timezones and locales.

Genius makes booking training and invoicing in multiple currencies, with different tax rates and tax regions quick and simple so is ideal for multi-region and global companies.

Why Choose Genius

There are hundreds of features and many reasons to choose Genius for your Training Management requirements.
Below are some of our clients reasons for choosing Genius.

4 Platforms in 1

Simple To Use

The intuitive Genius user interface is powerful, slick and easy to use.

Cloud Access on All Devices

Genius is cloud based, works on all devices from anywhere in the world.

Regular Free Updates

Genius receives constant free updates adding new features & integrations.
Who Choose Genius

Advanced Stats & KPI

Genius automates reports, advanced statistics and KPI allowing you to plan growth.

Free Training & Support

Genius includes unlimited free training and support for you and your team.

Integrate with your Website

Integrate Genius seamlessly with any website for online bookings and payments.

Fully Secure System

Genius is secured by end to end encryption and SSL.

What our Clients Say..

Our clients love Genius so much that 90% of new clients are referred by existing clients.

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