About Genius Software Ltd

Genius Software Ltd

Genius Software Ltd is a limited company registered with Companies House, England & Wales - Company Number (10507834). We design and develop bespoke software and are based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, in the UK.

The Genius team consists of extremely talented graphic designers, web designers, web developers and software developers giving us the ability to create amazing software and integration kits from scratch to meet our exact needs.

Office Hrs: 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday.
(UK): 0330 113 7783
(International): + 44 (0) 330 113 7783

The History

Our founder and CEO (Carl Downs) is a multi-award winning serial entrepreneur, dreamer, tech geek and software developer who has founded more than a dozen companies over the past 25 years in sectors from the motor trade, jewellery trade, night clubs, property, events, web design, training and much more.
Back in the day Carl founded a training broker company which he quickly grew to become the largest health and safety broker platform in the UK, with annual sales in excess of £2 million with just two full time members of staff.
Key to the rapid growth of the business was the automated back end system which was designed and developed by Carl himself.
This innovative system replaced duplication of data with automating much of the administration involved in running a very busy training business and would eventually become the catalyst for Genius.
Over the years the team has won several business awards for their work in the training industry and beyond.

Carl Downs (Founder & CEO)

The Vision

The vision was to design and develop a cloud platform specifically for training providers that would automate many tasks and radically reduce the administration time involved in running a busy training business.
Pricing is crucial, making Genius accessible and affordable to all training organisations regardless of their size is imperative. This allows the smaller training organisations to compete on a level playing field with the large training organisations.

Take for example joining instructions, most trainers use a Microsoft Word Document and copy and paste the information in for each learner. Now imagine doing that 20 times for each event, it takes a lot of time.
Genius sends joining instructions to all learners on an event with a single click. One mouse click, one second and it's done!

" The Genius Training Management System is a real game changer and has fundamentally change the way in which training organisations run their businesses."

The Future

The growth of the Genius Training Management System customer base has been rapid with a range of clients from training companies across all sectors to multi-national construction companies and international blue chip Plc's who use Genius to manage training their own staff.

Key to this rapid growth is the simple user interface of the Genius Training Management System, this really sets Genius apart from all other Training Management Systems. Outstanding customer service is very important to us and is also key, from taking a demo through to free telephone support with a single point of contact, we are constantly helping our clients to get the most from their Genius Training Management System.

Our plan and ultimate goal is to make the lives easier for thousands of businesses that manage training, whether they are training companies or large companies who manage their own workforce Genius Training Management System is perfect for all.

14 Day Free Trial

14 Day Free Trial

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Why Choose Genius?

Data on Demand

Genius is in the cloud, your data is always available on demand, on all devices.

Raising Efficiency

Repetitive tasks are automated, streamlining your processes and raising efficiency.

Instant KPI's

View instant, real-time KPI's, revenue, expenses, profit and loss.

Client Platform

Your clients/learners can track & manage their qualifications with the Client Platform.

Free Trainer Access

Subcontract/Freelance trainers have Free access to manage diary & registers.

Training & Support

Training & support by telephone, email and screen sharing included.

Website Integration

Quick website integration, accept bookings from your website increasing revenue .

Accept Card Payments

Accept secure card payments with Stripe fully integrated into Genius.

GDPR Compliant

Designed from scratch with GDPR compliancy built in.