Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together the most 'Frequently Asked Questions' to help inform you about Genius.

Genius was designed specifically for Training organisations but is also used by organisation who want to manage and track the training of their own staff. Genius also works extremely well for events organisations too. Anything where a person is involved in an event, whether it's a training course, an experience day, a show or a concert for example.
Genius was designed to level the playing field so that everyone can benefit from it, so whether you are a one man band or a large corporation with thousands of staff Genius is perfect for your business!

No Contract.

There is No lengthy contract with Genius. If your business changes and you no longer require Genius just give 30 days notice to quit, at which point we will provide you with all of your business data in a CSV file so that you can import it into the new system of your choice.

The whole point of using Genius is to save your business money and Genius does this by streamlining your organisations procedures, and using our Free Trainer Platform improves communication, raising efficiency.
Genius is hosted in the cloud which makes it possible to bring the pricing right down to a level where everyone from owner trainers (one man bands) through to large corporations can all afford Genius.
Pricing is based on a monthly subscription per user and starts at just £5 a day (£150 p/month). Please view Pricing here.

Genius is an 'elastic' service which is a software term meaning that our service shrinks and grows with your business instantly. If you need to add more users to your subscription, call us and it's done in seconds. If you need to reduce your subscription, call us and it's done in seconds with No contract and No penalties.

If you quit Genius we can provide all of your business data to you in a .CSV file so that you can import it onto any other system you choose (fee's may apply).
The data that you enter into Genius is always your data, it's owned by you!
If you do not request your data we will delete it from our system within 7 day as per our Agreement.

We operate a mix of our own dedicated servers within a secure data centre in Leeds (in the UK) and Amazon Cloud AWS S3 for our storage. Our servers are secured using the latest SSL (secure socket layer) technology and all of your data is backed up daily.
Our servers are constantly monitored by certified Microsoft Engineers 24 hours a day 365 day a year. Read more about Trust.

We have a constant development programme where we apply updates and develop new services to add to our ever growing platform.
There is a lot of work involved in these updates and developments, so we apply updates and improvements constantly (over night) to avoid disruption of our service, and we release new developments every 6 - 8 weeks. Read more about our development programme
Don't worry about updates, we never drastically change the system. We know our users become familiar with using the system in a certain way so we never move things or change the way in which things work.

Genius is very intuitive and due to the removal of duplicate input once Genius is set up there is very little work for you to do ongoing because Genius automates much of your administration. That said we have very detailed help files and tutorials which give you step by step instructions on how to perform actions, plus we have video tutorials which explain how to perform actions too.
Most importantly we offer Free training and ongoing customer support, so if you are unsure about something, email or call us and we will talk you through the process!

Genius is hosted in the cloud, this means it's basically a very secure website. If you have a smart device (mobile phone, tablet or computer) and you have an internet connection then you can access Genius.
We have users who access Genius all over the world, while on Holiday and we have even had a user login from 38,000 feet during a flight to the UAE.

The Genius website integration allows you to do exactly that. Integration is simple, just copy and paste a code snippet into your own existing website and you are ready to accept online bookings. No need for a website redesign or expensive integration as Genius works with all websites instantly. Read more about website integration here.

The Genius website integration allows you to sell anything you want from your existing website, whether that's a training course, a product or service or even bundles (we call them packages) of training courses and products. Integration is simple, just copy and paste a code snippet into your own existing website and you are ready to accept online orders. No need for a website redesign or expensive integration as Genius works with all websites instantly. Read more about website integration here.

Yes you can, We have partnered with and fully integrated their card processing with our website integration allowing you to accept card payments for bookings/orders from your own website in seconds without the need for a website redesign or expensive integration. No need for a merchant account from your bank, no need for a processing account with Worldpay or Sagepay, Stripe does it all.
Just create an account with and 'connect' that account to your Genius account. It takes seconds and there are no set up fee's and no minimum monthly charges.

Many of our new customers have used a TMS or CRM system before so have a lot of historical data. We can import this data directly into Genius for you although there is a small charge for this service which is depending on how long it takes us to prepare the data to import it. Please contact us for more details.

You can book your Free Genius Demo here. The demo takes about an hour and is done over the internet, so you can see our screen and we demonstrate how Genius helps raise efficiency and streamlines your business.

You can start using Genius within 10 minutes of giving us the go-ahead. We send you an on boarding email which asks for your specific company information, user info etc. We also send you an email from our payment processors to set up your direct debit, as we take your subscription by direct debit on the 1st of the month.
We then create your account and give you access, with the entire procedure taking 10 minutes.

14 Day Free Trial

14 Day Free Trial

Start your 14 Day Free trial of Genius today!
No need to enter payment details, no set up fee's, and you get Free UK based telephone and email support throughout your trial.
Starting your Free trial is easy and takes seconds.

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